Gender Inequality In Singapore

From the headline all over the media today, “Being a Woman Means 43% Less Pay Than Men on Singapore Boards


If you’re a woman and on the board of a Singapore-listed company, there’s a high chance you’re getting paid, on average, a whopping 43 percent less than your male peer, according to a study by a business school.

The largest gap was found at firms with a market capitalization of at least S$1 billion ($709 million) where the women executives earned 46 percent less than the men, according to the study by the National University of Singapore Business School released on Wednesday. Independent directors had the narrowest gap, with women making 83 percent as much as the men.

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I presume the article refers to women being paid less director fees (43% less) when compared to men when they perform board of director duties. Or are they referring to salary earnings of women who are appointed to the board are earning 45% less than the earnings of men serving on company’s board?

Why do NUS bother with this !@#$. Can’t they focus on some research/tracking index with social/economic impact? Like being shorter or fatter means less earnings? Wait, someone did that already.……

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