Help For Retrenched Workers in Singapore

It may have never crossed your mind, and it may not even be due to your poor performance. If you’re made redundant, what’s next?  With the current state of the economy, retrenchment has crept into the minds of many PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives), but not many know of their rights and options.  There have been several developments to safeguard the interest of retrenched individual, in order to help them transition through this difficult period.

If you are retrenched, you have a few options.

1.     Take a break – After working for so long, maybe its time you spend some of the retrenchment benefits to pamper yourself. This would be a good opportunity to reflect on your career, what’s gone by, and what’s for the future? Are you going to find another company, switch industry, and pursue your interest?

2.     Join Another Company – Maybe you’re just too used to work. In that case, go search for a job.

3.     Change Career – You’re a sales engineer all your life. Maybe your calling is in the Healthcare sector? Or you always like to cook for the family? Why not be a chef?  But how? Well, only in Singapore, the government actually has a programme to assist such individuals, known as the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP). There are several occupational profiles which may interest you, and the job and training are lying on a platter for the right candidate to come along.

Being retrenched is not the end of the world. In fact, it could very well be the jolt you needed to embark on another journey in your life, to pursue the right thing, rather than what is right.

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